Well, hello there 2016.

Did everyone have a good new years eve?
I should have been working, but after I got back from my hometown I got a fever and a cold from hell. So I've been to bed four days now... I'm not great at being sick, don't like it at all. But today I can watch it snow outside and that's kind of nice! 
I spent Christmas with my family and I had a lovely time home. But the days went by reallt fast, it didn't feel like five days! But I had time to have two sleepovers with one of my dearest friends Anna-Karin, celebrate Christmas, go to the movies with the family, drink beer with my (little??) brother and my bestie Iza. I also went to a concert with a bunch of local artists, and that was great! And I finally had time to get together with my cousine Hanna, we haven't seen each other for ages. So...it was a wonderful visit! I also had a little mini christmas with my man before I left and I got some lovley gifts! A bunch of vinyl records and a rose perfume. Looove it all so much <3
//Gott nytt år alla fina! Hoppas alla hade en bra nyårsafton. Jag har åkt på världens förkyldning så jag har varit sängliggandes i flera dagar nu.. Spenderade jul i min hemstad med familjen, hade det jättemysigt verkligen. Hann umgås med både familj, vänner och hade det bara hur bra som helst! //
Got the best gift ever from my mother! My new bible <3

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