The Sakura Dress from Cherise Design.

I was sent this gorgeous Sakura Dress, a 40s inspired dress from the finnish brand Cherise Design. It's super comfortable and the fabric feels really nice and light in the summer. It has a bit of a special but very 40s neckline and sleeves and I think it gives the whole dress something extra. The dress comes with a matching belt and it also has pocket, which is always a plus. 
I also did this shoot with a new talented photographer - Elisabeth Landberger. 
I'm so pleased with the finished result and I really looking forward to shoot with her in the future. She's such a sweetheart and really ambitious.   
 I like how it looks authentic and I feel like a real 40s gal in the dress. I choosed to match it with bakelites from The Pink Bungaloo. The green bracelet went very well with the leafes in the dress and the yellow one... just because I really like green and yellow together. I and Elisabeth got the oppertunity to shoot some photos in her neighbors old Volvo Amazon from the 60s and it turned out really lovely. 
 I got a size 36 which fitted perfectly and I have the measurements 86, 67 and 91 cm. 
Please visit Cherise Designs shop, she has alot of gorgeous pieces! 
 //Har fotat den här underbara klänningen från Cherise Design härom veckan. Jobbade med en ny fotograf - Elisabeth Landberger och jag kunde inte bli mer nöjd. Det var jätteroligt att jobba med henne för hon var verkligen engagerad och ett energiknippe. Klänningen är i typisk 40-tals stil och man känner sig verkligen som en 40-tals donna. Hoppas ni gillar resultatet!

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