Vivien of Holloway.

When I was in London five years ago a visit Vivien of Holloway for the first time. I fell in love and I stayed in the store for at least two hours because I couldn't decide what to buy. My friend had to drag me out..haha. It's one of my favorite repro vintage brand so when they wanted to do a collaboration I was over the moon excited!
So I recived a package from London the other week. I got a top and a super cute pair of shorts. I also got a bag (wich is perfect for the beach), a pair of earrings (in the pics) and a little handmirror. The mirror was I really happy about, because I seem to break all of mine everytime. So this one I will be super careful with!
The Gypsy Top is very comfortable and had a nice loose fit. I got a size S and it fitted nicely. It has two red stripes on the shoulders that gives it that extra pop! You can also have it both off shoulders and on. And it's really a piece that you can match with almost everything. I paired it with my New Jeanie jeans when I was going to the photoshoot and it looked really cute. I think it would be perfect with a skirt as well. I would like this top in every colour and style! So it's a really must-have in your closet.
I was actually a bit nervous about the shorts. Because I usually have the problem, when it fits around my hips it's to big in the waist and the other way around. But this Red Palm Shorts fitted perfectly! They sended my a size 12 and it went perfect with my measurements (waist 66 cm, hips 91 cm). It fitted like a glove in the waist and then it have a very comfy and more to the loose fit on the hips and legs. So they are really comfortable to wear and aspecially to sit in. I find that some shorts wants to glide up when you sit and that's not a nice feel at all but these don't! The shorts have two pockets in the front and I'd liked that alot. If you don't want to bring a big bag, you can put both phone and you lipstick there, and you're ready to go! They also have a nice 40's feel to it, that I really like!
So overall I'm really impressed over the fit and I love the hole outfit so much! I'm going to London in May so then I have to do a visit to the shop again! 
x Emma

Miss Baby Peaches

Älskar bilderna! Ochvilken otroligt kul grej att få göra!

Svar: Tack raringar! Blir jätteglad att du gillar bilderna, och det var fantastiskt roligt att få göra :) Kram!
Emma Håkansson

2015-08-13 / 20:46:47

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