Merry Christmas.

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From me to you!

Christmas list.

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A very good picture on what I wish for this christmas. The golden Dita cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby and Dita von Teeses' new book, Your Beauty Mark. I'm soo excited over her beauty book, I need it in my life! 
Just look at it!!! <3

Hello, it's me.

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I'm in heaven right now! 
My dearest friend Isabella got tickes to Adele next year for us. I just.. can't believe it! I'm such a huge fan of her music, it's a dream come true!

It feels alot like autumn.

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Here's from my latest shoot with Hanna Fredholm. It's always a blast shooting with her! We did a other set as well, but that I'll show an other day. With top is from Daisy Dapper and the skirt is vintage.


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Long time no see! 
It's already December and I can't wait til christmas and snow. You get so tired when it's just grey and rainy right now, and it makes it harder to work nights. I feel a really need a day job again! But lets britghen up the day with some picture from this summer with Josefine Jönsson!